Dry hair

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  • Static Free Anti-Frizz Shampoo 300mL product image

    Static Free


    A uniquely designed member of the frizz maintenance program created especially to smooth and cleanse…

  • GirlBoy Hair Candy blossom shampoo 375mL product image

    GirlBoy Hair Candy

    $19.50 - $38.00

    Goodbye to impossible princess tantrums. Instead, coat your hair in luxurious volume that is much to…

  • GirlBoy Hair Candy blue shampoo 375mL product image

    GirlBoy Hair Candy

    $19.50 - $38.00

    So minty and refreshing you will want to wash your hair twice a day, not that you'll need to because…

  • ColourArt Colour Lock Shampoo 375mL product image


    $4.95 - $19.95

    A detoxifying shampoo designed to gently cleanse devitalised, colour treated, dry and damaged hair, …

  • Intensive Fortifying Shampoo 375mL product image


    $3.65 - $67.40

    Cleanses and protects hair stressed or parched by the effects of environmental pressures, thermal st…

  • Oasis Moisturising Shampoo 375mL product image


    $14.95 - $63.40

    Gently cleanses and moisturises normal to thick hair types through its unique formulation containing…

  • GirlBoy Hair Candy tlc shampoo 375mL product image

    GirlBoy Hair Candy

    $19.50 - $38.00

    It is the everyday shampoo for extraordinary people! tlc shampoo gives your hair the caring touch it…

8 of 8 Items