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  • Static Free Anti-Frizz Shampoo 300mL product image

    Static Free


    A uniquely designed member of the frizz maintenance program created especially to smooth and cleanse…

  • GirlBoy Hair Candy blossom shampoo 375mL product image

    GirlBoy Hair Candy

    $19.50 - $38.00

    Goodbye to impossible princess tantrums. Instead, coat your hair in luxurious volume that is much to…

  • GirlBoy Hair Candy blue shampoo 375mL product image

    GirlBoy Hair Candy

    $19.50 - $38.00

    So minty and refreshing you will want to wash your hair twice a day, not that you'll need to because…

  • Colourance Caramel Shampoo 250mL product image



    Colour enhancing. Prevents colour fade. Intense vibrant results. Free from SLS, Ammonia or Peroxide.

  • Purify Clarifying Shampoo 375mL product image


    $14.95 - $25.40

    Clarifying Shampoo is an oil free cleanser to gently remove accumulated deposits and buildup on all …

  • ColourArt Colour Lock Shampoo 375mL product image


    $4.95 - $39.50

    A detoxifying shampoo designed to gently cleanse devitalised, colour treated, dry and damaged hair, …

  • GirlBoy Hair Candy dirty fix dry shampoo 175g product image

    GirlBoy Hair Candy


    Dry Shampoo, clean and refresh greasy, dull, lifeless hair instantly without water. GirlBoy’s uniqu…

12 of 32 Items