Bamboo + Loofah Bathing Mitt

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Product Description

Experience silky, smooth and soft skin with this Bamboo and Loofah Exfoliating Bath Mitt, an absolute body care essential. Regular body exfoliation helps you get rid of dead skin cells, dry patches and ingrown hair. The natural Bamboo and durable Loofah compliment each other to ensure a long-lasting, quality product. A solution for healthy & glowing skin.

NaturalSpa is a complete range of professional, home-spa, natural products, designed to enhance your overall well-being, making your skin feel refreshed and transformed while revitalising your body and relaxing your mind.

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What to Expect

NaturalSpa Essentials products use only pure & ethically sourced materials. Vegan Friendly.

How to Use

Use with your favourite NaturalSpa Body Wash to cleanse and exfoliate the skin while stimulating blood circulation and providing a gentle detoxification.

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